Research Focus

Our research is aimed at developing our understanding of a key issue: the effectiveness of interventions for keeping the homeless experiences as short as possible and minimizing recidivism. Our approach to addressing the problem includes development of computational models that are linked to foundational theories to predict effectiveness of interventions. The problem is difficult and multi-faceted because it needs to be addressed at the intersection of a number of issues, societal, political, human and policy-related. This leads to an evolving mix of metrics (and their definitions) as well as approaches (and their definitions). Our work involves a combination of approaches, including data analytics, observations of work practice at the community partners, and primary data collection and analysis with multiple roles. The long-term goals of the project include developing and evaluating approaches that can be used to improve the application of a sequence of interventions for the homeless.

For further information, contact Sandeep Purao at spurao@bentley.edu