About Us

Research Team

We are passionate researchers at Bentley University in Waltham, MA. The research team includes faculty members and graduate students. If you would like to be involved, reach out to any of us. Meet the Team

Monica Garfield

Faculty in the Computer Information Systems (CIS) department. Researches use of IT to enhance team formation and knowledge building as well as socio-technical issues that impact the use and implementation of IT systems. She has worked in the field of telemedicine and team formation for over 20 years, resulting in numerous publications, invited talks, and presentations. International director of the IT PhD program at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.

Haijing Hao

Faculty in the Computer Information Systems (CIS) department. Haijing received her Ph.D. in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University, 2012.

Sandeep Purao

Faculty at Bentley University in the Information & Process Management (IPM) department. Extensive portfolio of funding and publications across disciplines and funding sources. Research focus: design and evaluation of IT-based solutions for organizational and societal problems. Holds a PhD in Management Science with prior training in accounting and law.

Current Students

Casey Healy, Graduate Student

Ryna Setia, Graduate Student

Shweta Shah, Graduate Student

Paul Flanagan, Undergraduate Student

Past Students

Wenqi Wang, Graduate Student, MS in Business Analytics

Wenqi Zhai, Graduate Student, MS in Business Analytics

Xin Gu, Graduate Student, MS in Business Analytics (graduated)

Prakash Bhetwal, Graduate Student, MBA (graduated)